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Karolina Trhonova

I perceive myself as a medium rather than an artist. As much as I love to create, I worship to live and experience. I desire to feel emotionally and physically. I want to touch and encounter. With my hands, through my body, in my mind. I celebrate imperfection and value the unknown because they create space for invention and understanding. This is why the human form with all its conditions, negatives and positives, is the core element of my work. I was always fascinated by human perception of the world and the invisible barriers that make us different but the same in the essence.
Inspired by my origin, my work is rooted in organic shapes of nature, folklore and traditions. I have been trained in traditional mediums and craft practices but throughout the years, I wanted to add an extra layer to my work and started to look for connections where there is not one. My work is aimed to fuse the practice of handmade and digital and create a path in between to embody heartfelt moments in abstract digital space.
Ultimately, my biggest achievement is when my work is an as enormous and immersive experience for my audience as it is for me while creating it.