I’m Karolina Trhonova, a Czech artist based in the United Kingdom.

In my art, I’m trying to capture the topic of what it’s like to be human through a variety of media, from printing techniques to digital animation, I aim to show the difference of two worlds – Beauty and Ugliness connected in one theme – being human.

– animations –

– commissions –

Full of) Radical Potential | Poste, Social Media Visuals | 2023

The Create Place is a community arts space. It is a launch pad for starting a creative project that benefits your community, and a space for people to be together, share skills, create, and have fun.

This poster was created for a six-part workshop series celebrating community action through the power of zine-making and D.I.Y art practices. Bringing individuals together by learning how to make radical zines in a variety of formats, dig through archives and be part of a community that ignites change.

Kam Večer | Poster, Social Media Visual, Promoting Materials| 2023

Kam Večer is a platform promoting local events and cultural happenings.

One of my latest commissions was the production of visual and promoting materials for the ‘Kam Večer Festival’ which is a new initiative supported by the local art council that is showcasing national performers.

Play Orbit Zine Cover for Tour De Moon Festival | 2022

Tour De Moon is a unique, immersive festival providing a platform for plurality, fresh thinking, and new ideas and celebrating nightlife and youth countercultures from across the UK and beyond.

Play Orbit Zine was produced as part of the festival – “Play Orbit zine is an invitation to reimagine the Moon as a celestial playground where rest, wondering and rituals come to meet and eternalise in visual languages. These 60 pages are a testimony of our longing to get together and play again, and a product of community input and radical hand-made imagination. In this project, the Moon acts as our witness to new possibilities in collaboration, participation and art-making.” -Artizine UK